02 Apr

Interesting Blends presents: Project Tempo vs The Balkan All Stars


I guess this is kind of a re-post, as (for obvious reasons) i covered it last week on the Interesting Blends website.

It's a podcast done for them by Project Tempo and The Balkan All Stars.

It's essentially an hours worth of disco based deep house and Edits, and i think it's quite a nice listen (but then i was involved in putting it together).

One of the main reasons I’ve reposted it here is that you’ll see there is quite a few names featured in the mix that have made an appearance on this blog. I thought it would be nice for the more regular readers to see the tracks in a slightly different context than they may have encountered them before.

Anyway, the mix is on the Project Tempo Soundcloud, and is the first of many we hope to feature on the Interesting Blends page, so check it out, track list is below, and the Soundcloud player follows after.

Tracklist is:

01: Mario & Vidis – Changed feat Ernesto
02: Andre Crom – Tell Me (Instrumental)
03: Tom Demac – Tanners
04: Andrew Grant – Satisfaction
05: Le Sale – We go Straight Ahead
06: 5eya – Motion
07: The Mekanism – Can't Believe
08: Eddie C – I'm Sorry (starlight Remix)
09: La Royal – The Crush
10: Haules Baules – Hit me Slow

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