29 Jul

Imagined Herbal Flows – Evolve

Instrumental Hip Hop gets a bad rep in this day and age, Trip Hop seems to be a dirty word but it's a genre I still love and admire very much. In my opinion it’s also one of the hardest genres of music to make well. Keeping a down tempo track flowing and interesting with no vocal hook etc.. is, uhm, difficult.


In setting out and listening to Wednesdays post I stumbled across a track I'd not listened to in a while, the most excellent reggae tinged downtempo Hip Hop of Evolve by Imagined Herbal Flows.


A genuine guilty pleasure of mine is that moment when you end up following a strand of music from one artist to the other, discovering new and in this case rediscovering older music. I'm pretty certain it's a feeling all music lovers know, those lost hours of exploration at 2am on a school night when you know you should be going to bed but just have to listen to that track again, or the start of something catches your ear and you give it alisten. I just love how when you start delving into a certain type of music on platforms like Bandcamp and Soundcloud you nearly always end up on such a journey.


So it was, with bleary eyes, I set off to work with the sound of the previous nights exploration still stuck in my ears and firmly embedded on my phone and thus we come to Evolve which I’ve had on my Radar for a while but just never got around to blogging.


The thing I really like about Evolve is the constant tweaks and switches in the groove – the track is simple enough in structure and flow and feel (and trust me that is a very good thing) but it's a track that's never the same for long, drums come in and out, breakdowns evolve the melody and the constant moving around of layers make it feel like the track is constantly Evolving (which is pretty apt).


I've long been a fan of IHF, the R&B tinged Departure is another firm favourite of mine and well worth checking out and much like Evolve even though it’s been around for a while, and is available for a free download via soundcloud (give an e-mail).


Perfect weekend music, enjoy.


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