19 Jul

Ike & Tina Turner – I can’t believe what you say

Today I travelled in with the wife and boy, we chatted and sang and so there was no real play list. So time for a freebie. Nice

Now I am not a particular fan of Tina Turner – you can keep your Nut Bush City Limits, she simply isn’t the best and I prefer Creedence’s original version of Proud Mary….by a long way. However, with Ike she did the odd beauty and this track falls right into that category, in fact it blow the doors off.

I first came across it around 2002 via one of the many free cds I have got from my never-ending subscription to the splendid Uncut music magazine. This one was compiled by Keith Richards and contained some great tracks Me and my friend Johnny Blanco both commented at the time on how tremendous it was and not only that, it was free! – from the opening drums it just goes for it. Her vocal, to be fair, is superb as is the backing singing. But even though the music is immense, maybe the best things about the track are the lyrics. It is classic girl with a bad boy friend scenario but the lines are just superb, like ‘I can’t believe what you say, cos I see what you do’. It is another one of those that always makes you smile…so turn it up. Hope you enjoy.


Playlist Thursday 19th July 2012

No playlist today.

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