12 Jan

Iggy Pop – The Passenger

So I tried to think of things to post up today but I have to say that the events/reporting of yesterday still looms large and dominates most music and music talk I'm engaged in. So I thought I would post one more in memory of the  main man Bowie. And I thought I would acknowledge the effect he had on his peers and the support and inspiration he gave them. People like Lou Reed and Iggy Pop etc…


he had a major hand in the first solo albums of Iggy Pop and I think it is fair to say that many believe the album lust for life being as good as it was has a lot to do with Bowie being involved. This is a truly classic track and you can hear Bowie on backing vocals during the chorus.


Bowie always seemed generous in his support for other artists and I love the fact that seemed to continue through his life and career, people such as TV On The Radio. Damn.

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