08 Jan

Idjut Boys – Vorn (A Man called Adam re-edit)

First up, happy New Year from me. I hope you had a great Xmas and new year and the year has started wonderfully for you.


Switching things up a little bit around these parts, and I'm going to kick off my selection with an utterly insane track from way-way back in 1997 – with the A Man Called Adam re-edit of Vorn by the Idjut Boys.


In all honesty, this track completely blew my fragile little mind when I first heard it way back when. I'd always loved the way the Idjut Boys used effects as an additional instrument, the delay is an extra rhythm section for them and the way they build everything around that is really quite incredible.  


It's quite an interesting track structurally to listen to as the opening 3 minutes completely belies the 7 minutes of utter mayhem that is about to follow. 7 minutes in which A Man Called Adam take everything the Idjuts do, ramp the dial-up to 11 and turn in a completely bonkers drugged out cut and paste style deep cut remix/re-edit, complete with stutter/tape edit style chops, a totally shredding guitar and added moaning and groaning from Sally.


I think the craziest thing is the contrasts in the slower, calmer moments, compared to the full-on sensory onslaught that intercedes them and personally as much as I love the idjut boys I think this might be their most under-appreciated moment committed to vinyl


Anyway, cracking track, cracking listen.


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