18 May

Idjut Boys – One for Kenny





Been sat on this track for a month or so and a timely reminder by way of Dicky Trisco's "For the love" guest spot reminded me to drop it on my player again and turn the volume up to 11.

The thing I've always liked about the Idjut Boys is the sleazy nature of their house tracks. Sure they can do the live disco sound "roll over and snore" is a prime example, but I've always felt they were at their best when doing really stripped back simple looping tracks with copious amounts of effects, and "One for Kenny" is exactly that.

An obvious head nod to the sadly departed Legend Kenny Hawkes it's slow dubbed out and bass heavy, and that's before the beat has even kicked in, then just wait for that piano to arrive and switch the track up.

I'm going to leave the chat there as it's a truly stunning track, and it's a real shame I needed a nudge to get it back on my player and on the blog.

Insanely good, possibly my track of the year so far, enjoy.

Playlist Friday 18th May 2012

In the craziness of moving I've had little time to change the music on my player, so I settled in for my journey by listening to the Dicky Trisco mix I referenced above. It's a nice mix, moving from deep sleazy house to spangley hands in the air feel good party disco, and was a perfect listen for a morning journey in which i missed my train. Still gave me more time to listen to the music.

The opening track is the Idjut Boys track referenced above – which i grabbed from, and you can still get on, E-music – do so now.

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