11 Jul

Ice Cube – The Bomb

Sometimes you need something that is going to blow the doors off. I didn’t have a commute today but i did have a bit of a drive from Leeds to Sheffield and on the way i was thinking about a recent documentary on Public Enemy that i watched. This got me thinking about a track of theirs i posted awhile back, ‘Timebomb’ and other hip hop tracks that are underpinned by rather huge breaks. This led me to todays track.

Aapie had the Ice Cube album Amerikkka’s Most Wanted which ‘The Bomb’ comes from and i used to play this track over and over again. I liked bits and pieces of his and NWA’s work but was never a massive fan or expert. But this track, while a bit dated now (and nostalgia is definitely contributing here), always made me think yee ha. It is stuffed with so many breaks, its like Da Lench Mob just said “fu*k it, lets throw the whole kitchen at it”. It uses More Bounce To The Ounce, Assembly line by the Commodores and a stack more.

But its the change at about 1.34 of the track that used to do it for me everytime and if you do listen to the track, i plead that you stay with it till that bit at least.After the explosion it just goes into overdrive, Shaft In Africa kicks in and Cube just steps it up on the flow to give it even more weight. Yes, some of his lines are ridiculous but some are also genius “Don’t break up the fight let them rumble, Over the years i watched some go superbad quick”. I played it out once and when it hit that change up the place went mental. Just turn it up.


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