24 Jun

I.N.I – Fakin’ Jax feat Pete Rock

If you've peeked at our Instagram you'll have seen i've been sorting through my record collection which has resulted in me revisiting a lot of older music, including some classic Hip Hop.

In talking with Fourbears last time we saw each other I mentioned I didn’t think we featured enough Hip Hop on the blog. Yeah we have the occasional track here and there, but considering both of us grew up listening to and DJ’ing it I felt we should probably feature a little bit more.

So I’m going to follow my own guidance here and feature and absolute classic track in the above “Fakin’ Jax by I.N.I featuring Pete Rock” .

The back bone of the track is built around the Impeach the President drum break that’s been chopped and reassembled. That bit’s obvious enough, but the real jewel in the crown is the well hidden Dorothy Ashby sample from “Cause I Need it”. It’s not an obvious sample in itself, a half bar from the opening of the track that is hidden away behind deep deep filtering but it really does groove the track along in a way that illustrates what a genius Pete Rock is at spotting those samples.

It’s actually difficult to listen to to Fakin Jax and not think of it as a straight up Pete Rock track “featuring I.N.I” rather than the other way around. He produces it, raps what i think is a superbly relaxed first verse, cuts the Mobb Deep Vocal Sample in the chorus (it’s Give up the Goods in case you’re wondering) and I.N.I was pretty much a project group for Rock, featuring his brother Grap Luva and was signed to his own Soul Brother Records.

Regardless of who what why and when though it’s a beautiful little track, full of positive lyrics.

Whilst originally off the once shelved “Center of attention” it was released as a single it was an underground smash (is there such a thing). Center of attention got a release in the early 00’s but the track also features on the BBE curated, and brilliant, Lost and Found: Hip Hop Underground Soul Classics


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