27 Jun

Hunters & Collectors – Talking To A Stranger

It's no big secret I'm a fan of the Avalanches, Since I left you is one of my favourite albums of all times and their GI mix is one fo my favourite mixtapes ever, and I'm seriously looking forward to the new album "Wildflower" immensely as i'm really enjoying what i've heard form the album so far – it's still fun and witty and energetic.


But the imminent delivery reminded me of a brilliant remix i have by the guys and one that i go back to all the time and that's their remix of Hunters & Collectors "Talking to a Stranger".


If you've ever heard the original do check it out, i's kind of nu-wave punk meets INXS but better, it's a good track is what i'm trying to say. But the Avalanches take it and spin it right around. It's still Talking to A Stranger but they chop it into a deep dark disco groove with pounding drums and a flow that's straight out of one fo their mixtapes. 


What i really like is the way the track builds, opening with a huge chunk of Dan Hartmans – Relight my Fire like one of their mixtapes you go in one direction only to realise you're being taken in a totally different one.


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