20 Jun

Humate – Love Stimulation (Vincenzo Remix)






The more astute amongst you may have noticed that yesterday was our 100th post. So it's rather fitting it was such a legendary track.

So how do i follow that up with post 101 (Big Brother!)? Well I'm just going to go for a track that has been on my MP3 player from the day I bought it. Humate – Love Stimulation (Vincenzo Remix).

Now Love Stimulation is a track of legend, recorded by Humate back in 1993 it was a project by Gerret Frerichs who I'd imagine most people know as one of the driving forces behind Acid and Electro house in the early German scene. The track was simply put a massive success, racking up a top 20 position in the UK pop charts, it's been remixed by all and sundry, i guess most famously by Paul Van Dyke.

Last year an album of remixes was released on Grand Casino records. Each track was a reworking of Love Stimulation by some pretty high profile people; Tom Middleton, Radio Slave, the Van Dyke Mix and this the Vincenzo remix.

The original is pretty hard to beat, but the Vincenzo remix takes a different tack and builds the original into a deep house throbber, without ever losing sight of the things that make the original so good.

It starts out pretty simple, just a single bass note repeating and small elements introduced over the course of the first 32 bars. The obvious vocal pad from the original is taken chopped and elongated to make it really prominent. The thing is though it takes a while for this version to get going and it's not until around 2 minutes 30 in or so the track really settles into it's main flow with the introduction of the main melodic synths. And it rally does take off at that point.

I love the original, and it has a very special place in my history of listening, but since i managed to get this remix I’ve literally never removed it from my player, and as such when it came on today I knew i had to blog it.

No playlist today.

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