13 May

House of Black Lanterns – You Were Telling Me of Mountains

I've been sat on You were telling me of Mountains for along time, I was never really sure if i could really blog about a piece of music a complex and layered as this, but in all honesty I revisited it this week and still being blown away by it, I thought that'd it'd be  perfect piece for the weekend.


HoBL will be known to many people, under many different aliases, Zilla, King Cannibal and obviously HoBL. The key though is each project has always been a metamorphosis, a reinvention, a move into uncharted territory – sure they reference what's passed before but the simple fact is each project has been noticeably different. There is a reason in that, leaving baggage behind i suppose is the main one.


Whatever the reason i'm glad, because they've always shown different sides to his work, and YWTMOM is a perfect example of this.


In someways HoBL's always had a "bigger Picture" element to it, there was always an obvious vision, but i can't remember it being so evolved as it is here. The 80's synths, and the ebb and flow, coupled with the epic sprawling feel of the LP conjure up images sci-fi and 80's VHS only movies, but it's polished feel, and ability to have you relaxing one minute and shuffling your next the next is reminiscent of the mans great mix tapes, and firmly rooted in the here and now.


I'll leave it there, because the music will draw an image for you, it's out now on HoBL's Bandcamp – well worth the asking price




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