20 Sep

Hot Chip – Playboy

Today (and tomorrow) I don’t have to go to work, so no commute. Instead I have been painting the windows in my house (only taken me 2 years to get round to it). Subsequently I thought I would play the game where I would listen to the radio and have to either pick a track that they play, a track by that artist or someone who has a direct connection. However, when a new track by Hot Chip came on it was all over as it reminded me to stick up today’s track.

As I have stated before, I do like Hot Chip and I am getting quite into the latest album, however I thought this was a good opportunity to go back to their first album ‘Coming On Strong’ from 2004 and one of my favourite tracks of theirs. What I like about this track, ‘Playboy’ is that, for me, it sums up perfectly what they are about. It is also a great example of the kind of genre manipulation that I love. Whether it is hip hop, R&B or House, Hot Chip take that style, twist it up, keep the good bits and add their own, alternative personality to it. On this track they go all R&B on us but its busted up and modified. While the whole track is great, for me, the chorus just takes it to another level. Sonically, if you put your head phones on and turn it up it could take your head off. But the killer element is the lyrics – “Drivin' in my Puegeot hey-ay, yay-ay, 20 inch rims with the chrome now hey-ay, yay-ay, Blazin' out Yo La Tengo hey-ay, yay-ay, Drivin' round poppin' with the top down hey-ay, yay-a”.  The humour in the lyrics and the name check of the like minded Yo-La-Tengo tells you everything you need to know about them and what they are about and I think it is still apparent in what they do today.

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