11 Sep

Hot Chip – How Do You Do (Todd Terje remix)

Listening to fourbearsjr's selection form yesterday inevitably got me thinking metro area and dipping in the hard drive, and scouring youtube which led me back to the Darshan Jersani Boiler Room session and in due course back to the f*cking brilliant Hot Chips – How do you do?


As you'll know we're pretty big fans of Todd Terje around here, I think we've featured pretty much everything he's done at some point or another, and i was actually surprised to see we hadn't featured this, i was also surprised to see we hadn't featured the original (below), so having caned it on the train journey this morning there was only ever going to be one choice.


The track is about perfect a slice of Balearic dance mayhem as you'll get, 9 minutes of driving pulsating groove. the track starts out with the trademark CR-78 drum sound with drifting slices of vocals over the top, arp'd synths and tech house filtered stabs but really the first two minutes of the track are all taking you to one place, the biggest bum wiggling walking bassline you'll hear this side of.. erm, something that is massively arse wiggle worthy.


It's old, about 3 years old on Domino records, but it still tears it up, and it's a genuinely uplifting track the way every comes back together after the bass line is introduced never ever doesn't put a smile on my face and get my head nodding back and forth. The introduction of the piano lends a gospel house feel to the second half of the track and rarely for Hot Chip remixes everything drops out to let Alexis Taylors vocals burst through in full. in fact the only thing really missing is Goddards and Clarkes superb counter point chorus, but hey we can't complain too much.


BTW, I've actually included the original track below because I think it's also amazingly brilliant, as are the faces Goddard pulls throughout the video.



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