14 Apr

Hot 8 Brass Band – Sexual Healing & Williams Fairey Brass Band – Voodoo Ray

So it's a two for one , brass band cover version kind of thing tonight. I have been meaning to put the Hot 8 Brass Band cover version since it came out, but when it came on this morning it gave me the opportunity to do so.


So, these kind of things, genre bending cover versions, can be a bit hit and miss. Plus there are some tracks that you really don't touch. I would usually put sexual healing by Marvin Gaye in that category, so on paper, this shouldn't work, but it soooo does. Firstly th track is melodically perfect and secondly, these boys give it so much welly and edge that you can not fail to be moved. The video is superb and just accentuates these points. The video is a shortened version, you should most certainly check out the full 8 minute version. It's stunning.


So, to the next track. There are quite a few bands doing this sort of thing, but when I hear them it takes me back to the first thing of this type that I heard. My mate Pete played me the Williams Fairey Brass Band album, which is a more traditional brass band playing cover versions of classic acid tracks. There are things like Strings Of Life, Cubik and Pacific State in there. But i find it hard to look past the majestic cover of Voodoo Ray.


Both tracks are awesome stuff. Hope you like.



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