26 Jul

The Hornblower Brothers – Counting Roadkill

Every now and then a song comes along and gets stuck in your head. When that happens round summer it can end up being classed as the song of that summer or maybe just associated with that one. Well today's track has certainly got potential. Since I heard it on the Marc Riley show on 6 music while tidying the kitchen it has been on repeat ever since.


This is the first time I have come across The Hornblower Brothers work if I am honest, but hailing from Brighton they nail what the Brits are good at. Indie pop excellence with intelligence and wit. When listening to the track I have been trying to sum up best who they sound like and then came to the conclusion I couldn't be arsed. Mainly because the track is just ace. And honestly that is all anyone needs to know. Plus, when that chorus and bridge come in it is all over for you my friends. You will be hooked.

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