17 Dec

Holy Ghost – On Board (feat. The DFA Celestial Choir)

holyghostAh, you gotta feel for Friendly Fires. They’ve written some much loved material but it strikes me that none of their songs have really blown up, certainly for me, until they got the remix treatment. For example the humongous Paris remix by Aeroplane was and still is a classic, the Grum remix of Skeleton Boy was fantastic, Tensnakes remix of hurting was off the scale, and for me the definitive version of their song On Board is by Holy Ghost.

On the flip side Holy Ghost are one of those bands i think always work better when interpreting someone else’s material, they are for me great remixers – todays track is not a remix though, it is a straight out cover version that was born out of the two bands toruing together a few years ago. Holy Ghost covered their favourite Freindly Fires Track, On Board, and Friendly Fires covered their favourite Holy Ghost track, Hold On. And i’d say friendly Fires got the better deal out of the exchange.

The track is a straight up 80’s Nu-wave sounding version with a whomp bass and fantastically sparkly synths bringing an element of melody that was sorely missing in the original for me. The use of other DFA artists to bring multi-vocals to the chorus and breakdown is a lovely touch, and it shows some real ambition that is one of the things i really like about Holy Ghost, and the willingness of everyone to muck in is something I’ve always liked about DFA, it might be a big label now but it’s always felt like a real family led project to me, at least in ethos.

Anyway, it’s a cracking track that i often go back to. It was out a couple of years ago February 2010 if i recall right, but it still sounds stomping now, enjoy.


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