08 Oct

Henry Pope – HEAT WAVES

As you may know i'm always a bit wary of posting DJ mixes on here. But, occasionally, there are some that are so darn good I just have to feature them, and today’s is one of those:

Henry Pope – HEΛT WΛVES

Inspired by the Californian heatwave the thing I really like about this mix is the amount of genres it takes in without ever losing focus. From the IDM/Dub Step/Hip Hop hybrids so prominent in the American dance music scene at the moment Henry takes the music into slo-mo house, ragga, latin house and 2 step D&B territory without it ever sounding jarring. Additionally the mix jumps genre at such a rate if you don’t like one style another one is along a few moments later. 

It's mixed really really well, with tracks key matched and melody and vocals sitting perfectly, along with the odd curve ball as well (Mark Morrison anyone). The mix certainly proves you don't have to go hard from the start, nor finish at the same BPM you begin, with the set starting out perfect for lounging in a bar or around the pool but building into a dark basement room dancefloor frenzy towards the end.

Anyway I first encountered Henry Popes stuff when he sent my other blog Interesting Blends some material, a couple of mixes and some original tracks and I featured them. Thankfully he's continued to grab peoples attention and I highly recommend you check his soundcloud page out, there are some real gems there.  

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