07 Jan

Welcome to “The Walk to Work”




Welcome to The Walk to Work.

My plans for this blog are for nothing more than a rapid fire blogging platform for tracks I'm really enjoying.

Why is "The Walk to Work" any different from the millions of other blogs out there?

Well, I guess it isn't in that it's just another blog about music written by someone with an over inflated sense of their own musical worth. But I can assure you it's not aiming to be a trend blog, or cutting edge, it's more about enjoying music for what it is. Hopefully through the many years listening, collecting, dj'ing with and simply enjoying music I've developed a reasonably wide taste, and I hope that in turn will help you find something new, exciting or something that has just passed you by the same way so many thing do with me.

I also run the Interesting Blends blog where the posts are few and far between but far more wordy, this blog aims to be a counter point to that where i intend to post a link and a couple of lines daily, or as often as possible, based upon what is currently doing it on my MP3 player.

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