06 Jun

Helado Negro – Dance Ghost


I had a commute today, but it was my boy and i singing and listening to that radio, so no real playlist of music to note. So, instead, i have gone for something that i have been listening to a lot and that has made an appearance on many other days of commute for a while, but on days i haven’t been posting on.

The track is Dance Ghost from Helado Negro’s latest album Invisible life, released on the excellent Asthmatic Kitty label. I have posted a track by him before, the brilliant Cara Falsa, released under his duo with Julianna Barwick, Ombre. I love this album and they way it fuses international elements, spanish and english lyrics and gorgeous electronica, all underpinned with beautiful melodies and certain pop flourishes. Dance Ghost is a perfect example of this, built on an infectious keyboard melody, it moves along at a steady pace, drifting away and coming back up to accentuate certain melodies and moments. Really beautiful stuff and a great video too. You can find more on him here http://www.heladonegro.com/



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