19 Jan

Headless Horseman – 1CHRD (Blackbird Blackbird Remix)






Like many people these days I have quite varied taste in music. Before, this used to mean picking up albums from different genres…a hip hop album, an indie album, something electronic. But gradually, overtime, it has become the norm to cover a number of genres, tools and sounds in one album – often with mixed success (by that I mean not the best). But every now and again you do come across someone or some band that pull it off and I would put Headless Horseman in that category.

Don’t be fooled by the goth like name as it does not sum them up at all. Now based in New York, in 2011 they created a compilation album of tracks they had released or deposited on the web, called HDLSS and which you can buy for $5 on their bandcamp page. Like albums covering mixed genres – this is more and more how it is done now, which I like, as fits with my short attention span. I read that one of their first gigs was supporting Animal Collective’s Avery Tare and you can certainly see how that it a good pairing. They have a DIY ethos, mixing rough and ready electronics, with more analogue sounds, which are held together with jumping song structures and melodies. But what really comes across is the innovation and energy of what they do, reminding me of another band that I love – Javelin. Tracks like Wavlength, which is the first thing I ever heard, will take your head off if played too loud and when coupled with the cut up video is just immense (see youtube). But they also take it down on tracks like 1CHRD which mixes the styles mentioned above with R&B tendencies (another thing becoming more common and another thing I love).

But the track I have actually put up is the Blackbird Blackbird remix of 1CHRD. Clocking in at just under 2 and a half minutes like the original, it gets in, does what it needs to do and then gets out again. But on the way it isolates the melody of the original, purifies it and then takes the R&Bometer up a level. It just gets me shaking or nodding my head in time, wherever I am.


Playlist Wednesday 18th January 2012

It was nice to walk out to a warmer morning than the sub zero temperatures we have had the last few days in the UK. My journey ran like clockwork and being a contented soul and reading the news via the Independent newspaper app I worked through two albums, the great Headless Horseman comp mentioned above and a cd my friend gave me for Christmas – Stepkids self titled album on Stones Throw. It is an interesting messed up modern mix of soul, funk and disco, with a hip hop under current, which is well worth checking out….and that was me done.

Playlist: Headless Horseman – HDLSS (compilation), Stepkids – Stepkids (Album)

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