04 Jan

Havens & Hart : Loves Never Gone (The Revenge Turning Around Dub)

havensThose who have followed the blog over the last year will know that i'm a big fan of The Revenge and his various other projects such as 6th Borough Project. So no one will be surprised to see me featuring another track by Mr Clarke, this time out it's a remix. Havens & Hart : Loves Never Gone (The Revenge Turning Around Dub)

I'm no going to go on for ever telling you things about The Revenge you already know as he's been written about a million and one times before and the real reason we are here is the music, so that's where we'll concentrate.

The track is straight up dancefloor deep house, very reminiscent of the 6th Borough Album. A tracky builder with a shuffling 4/4 beat oozing swing. It constantly builds, (which is another thing people who read know i love) and gradually introduces new layers such as filtered stabs, vocal samples that expand and reduce and add a strange melodic feel to the track that counterpoints the FM bell style leads that drive the track along.. As a DJ one of the things people look for in a track is drops, not in the crazy Skrillex style but those jumping on and off points where tracks swicth up and allow you to mix in and out, and this track has tons of them… but what does that mean for you as a listener? Well it means the track has some real energy never hanging around in one place for too long despite it's tracky groove laden feel.

It's classic "The Revenge" and perfect deep house, it came out very recently, boxing day on the excellent Mother Recordings – and is available on Beatport which as far as i know is the only place to buy it at the moment – the original by Minneapolis Havens & Heart is a nice track in it's own right, and The Revenge weighs in with two remixes, one the featured track and another "Body Fusion dub" that is far more stripped back and dark…Great stuff, enjoy. 

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