08 Mar

Haules Baules – Creeper (Hardway Bros Acid Interpolation)

HardwayBrosI said the other day that there had been a resurgence in wigged out acid house, and i'm sticking with that theme today with Haules Baules – Creeper (Hardway Bros Acid Interpolation)

My listening over the last week has been very much rooted in the past, i've been sorting through all my vinyl and finally getting them cataloged on discogs, and as a result i've been ripping and listening to old tracks. The last few days have seen me building a playlist that's been awash in nostalgia, but in Creeper i decided to go with one of the only modern tracks that stood out among tracks like Stakker – Humanoid, Northern Lights by Caucasian Boy and Ten City among others which is no mean feat.

Now, I first came across Haules Baules, alias for Logan Fisher, with his track Hit Me Slowly which came out back in 2011 (I think). It was a big tune for me, and i'm kind of surprised i haven't actually blogged it yet, a deep throbbing slo-mo house tune that was perfect for blissed out dance floors and early evening warm up sets a like.

But then I kind of lost sight of him until I heard his re-edit of Skatt Bros – Walk the Night called Creeper.

Creeper has been getting a lot of attention from a lot of people within the alternative disco scene, and is by all accounts a big dancefloor anthem at "A love From Outer Space" the legendary club night curated by Andy Weatherall and Sean Johnston (I live in Paris so i'll have to take other peoples words on it) which is where we tally up with today’s track. Hard Way Bros is Sean Johnston, and Hardway Bro's did the remix.

Now I like Creeper, it's just the right side of sleazy, it's not too off beat that it's difficult to listen to and it's not too main way that it has a limited shelf life on the listening front, but i've got to say the Hardway Bros remix has completely dominated since i took delivery of the promos.

It's a clever remix as it really paves it's own way yet never loses sight of the original version of Creeper. It's quite techy in it's feel but isn't really tech house, and while it takes a while to get going and builds nicely its all about the point where the vocal chant rolls out and the analogue line is introduced and the huge acid wig out begins….. amazing stuff.

It's actually out around the end of the month on Vinyl only so you'll need to hunt it down, but I was kindly sent a digital promo, which has been getting hammered on my daily commute. Track it down if you can.


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