21 Nov

Hatchie – Sure

So as Aapie said yesterday, its been a funny old time with him being out of action and me frankly being all over the place. Anyway, we are back now, so all is good. And like Aapie i have been using the time to catch up on some music. While doing that I came across tonight’s gem.


Look, I love a bit of Indie Pop, and frankly, i don't really trust anyone who doesn’t. Hatchie is Harriette Pilbeam, hailing from Brisbane Australia and this is her second single following the 1st, Try. Apparently Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins is a fan and you can see why, its got that balance of pop, jangle and noise that Cocteau Twins mastered on the magnificent IceBlinkLuck. Hatchie’s sound is very much “of that time” but could be compared to more recent bands like Alvvays who have been led by that time and have done it really well. I would throw bands like Sundays and Club 8 in there too as comparisons.


Sure is a really, really beautiful track – fantastic melody, a great dense sound accented by her lovely multitracked vocals. Its an absolute joy to listen to such a gorgeous track and you cant help but get pulled in. It stands up really well against the bands i have compared it to. Fantastic stuff and i can’t wait to hear more.



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