13 Jul

Hatchback- Baker Beach

It's odd how we can miss tracks by artists we love, so imagine my surprise when writing the Sorcerer post from Monday I stumbled across Baker Beach by Hatchback. Not sure how i missed it, because again it's a track by an artist i am genuinely a huge fan of. 


I've really been enjoying the whole dreamy Cali-Electronica scene of late. The Sorcerer track, this from Hatchback it's just music that's perfect for this time of year. Be that lounging around the pool or cruising along the coastal/country lanes, windows down, elbow on the ledge, enjoying the music as much as the scenery. It may be an iydllic picture I've painted but it is music that is perfect for the sun.


Part of that is the tempo, it's chilled but not chillout, and very much in the case of Hatchback it's the melodic nature of the tracks. arpeggiated synths and gated pads, that just work so so well. From the opening bars, building up, you know this is going to be a supremely happy piece of music and it doesn't dissappoint, constantly adding new counterpoints and moving the track upwards, it switches into overdrive before heading home with a perfect mixable outro.


It came out on Adult Contemporary back in 2013 on Vinyl only, and while Baker Beach is a standout fo rme, the whole EP is strong (Paradise Drive is equally beautiful), but it's recently got a release via their Bandcamp page – and it's worth checking the rest of their catalogue.


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