23 Apr

Happy Mondays – Moving In With

A bank holiday on Monday and a crazy first day back at work yesterday meant silence on the blog over the last couple of days. Plus Aapie is away this week so you have got me everyday instead.

Going back to work after a couple of weeks off is always a bit stressful so a quick one but a good one. Driving in this morning Step On by the Happy Mondays came on the radio and it made me think of my usual rant that, as good as step on and some of their later stuff was, for me their best work was on the album Bummed.

Their later day shenanigans can sometimes overshadow how good they were as a band, particularly on their early stuff. Bummed is musically and lyrically brilliant, containing the tremendous Wrote For Luck and Lazyitis to name a few. Plus, tracks like Moving In With which I have gone with are sometimes forgotten. The track has got a real groove to it, the rolling riff and drums, the crazy guitar effects and frankly Ryder is brilliant on it with some pretty mad lyrics. Great stuff from a great album


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