11 Dec

Hamilton Bohannon – Save their Souls

Ok Fourbears Jr, I'll see your two classics and raise you three.  Because todays choice is aaaaaaaall about the groove:

Hamilton Bohannon – Save their Souls

It seems it's a week for classics, and I reckon this is one of my favourite breaks of all time, in some ways it reminds me a hell of a lot of the Shelley Manne sample used by premier in Jeru's "Come Clean", except with a shit load mroe funk behind it. 

Hannon was a percussionist and that really shows through in Save Their Souls, the drum beat underlays the plucked sound (is it a harp?) and just swing sit along.

I first hear it when i bought the Craig Mack album Project: Funk da World, once you got past the 2 minute skit of Mack breaking and entering the groove hot and Macks drawling vocal took over. It was only about a minutes worth of Mc'ing but it was by far the moment of the whole album…. for me it was even better than "Flava in your Ear', you can check it here. it's a really great track that shows of the groove, and how great Macks vocals were.

The next time i heard it was on the Ugly Duckling album Journey to Anywhere, on the track "Introduckling", again you can here it here. Again, two great Mc's show their skills over Hamiltons magnificent groove, it's just one of those beats that seems ot bring the best out of everyone who gets near it.

Hell even Jay Z rips over it on the Track "Cashmere Thoughts"

The track is taken from Bohannons first album, Stop & Go. The track is an uplifting gospel-esq soulful prayer to god (Bohannon is a devout Christian), and the groove (i keep using that word as i don't know how else to explain it) just keeps going the whole way, it switches up, it introduces new elements but the whole way through it's just there pumping along.

anyway, i'll leave it there because it's that good we should just get to it.

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