25 Jan

Half Waif – Severed Logic

As Aapie mentioned, it was a pretty difficult start to the year for us. But things are getting back to normal and I have been catching up on stuff that we have been sent over the last couple of months and there is some fantastic stuff in there. Today's track is one of those.


Half Waif is Nadi Rose Plunkett. Who has an interesting background, the daughter of an Indian refugee and an American father of Irish/Swiss decent and this track is from a forthcoming ep on Cascine called form/a. Severe Logic is a beautiful piece of vocal/electronica. It starts with her truly gorgeous voice and harmonies and then after a minute the kick, percussion and more electronics come and the track really takes off. I have to say that when I first listened to it, I really didn't expect It to change up the way it does, in fact, had the track had continued with just her vocals and minimal electronics I wouldn't have thought it odd, but I love the way it changes up when that direct 4/4 kick comes in. It just brings another dimension to the track and really sets it apart from similar stuff.


Its really beautiful stuff and I'm looking forward to the rest of the ep.



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