21 Apr

Half Man Half Biscuit – Took Problem Chimp To The Ideal Home Show

I'm sorry but this had to be done. It came on this morning and it had to go up. It's a bit out there and unless you are from the Uk you probably won't get the references. But it should go up for the name alone.


I have always had a soft spot for Half Man Half Biscuit. Their indie plus humour approach has always been vastly superior to many bands who try. Mainly because they know a catchy tune and their satire is genius. I fist heard them via a Peel session in the early 90's where they did the splendid 4AD3DCD which basically took the piss out of the 4AD label and the dodgy art students who listened to them (yes I was one of them). 


Since then hen I have dipped in and out of there stuff, the truly amazing Joy Division Oven Gloves springs to mind, but my mate Anthony introduced me to this specific track and my mate Dave reminded me of it the other day. Then low and behold, after loading up more tracks on my sub stick in the car, it came on this morning. I walked in to work laughing.


There are so many great lines to quote from this song, so I won't. Have a listen and pick one.

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