30 Mar

HAIM – Falling (Psychemagik Remix)

HaimTime for a guilty pleasure, kind of…..It was a day off for me today so no journey, and obviously no playlist, so i'm going to take a freebie, and make a very quick post about a track that has been stuck in my head all day:

HAIM – Falling (Psychemagik Remix)

Now both Fourbearsjr and i are partial to a bit of melodic-indie pop, and this is exactly that, with the Psychemagik boys giving the LA indie pop songstresses Haim the disco work over. Falling itself is cracking bit of 80's tinged Epic pop music, very reminiscent of Wilson Phillips, Peter Gabriel and the daddys of all things 80 pop Phoenix, and i very nearly featured that as my choice of track today but i decided to plump for the Psychemagik remix as it's just a really good example of how to remix a track without losing the feeling of the original.

I really like how they have taken the vocal and made that central to the whole track. The reason i like that so much is because so often, with remixes, you feel like the vocal has been bolted on after the fact, but everything here really holds together.

Anyway, as i said a quick post as i just wanted to share this with you all, the EP is coming out and the original track has been floating about for a while now and is getting a lot of attention (understandably). In fact, you know what? Having written this post I now can't decide which version to feature so i'm going to chuck up both the remix and the original.


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