13 Feb

Hail Social – Heaven

A-893428-1269909534I’d planned to feature some of the new music i’d both bought and been sent today, but last night i was sat with my little boy playing Duplo and listening to some music, as you do, and Radio by Hail Social came on which convinced me to put it on my MP3 player alongside all my new music.

Then this morning on my journey to work I just couldn’t get past the album and in particular the track Heaven, so that’s what i’m gonna blog.

Hail Social – Heaven.

Hail Social have split up now, and frankly were a bit of a one hit wonder, well they weren’t even that really. They released a few self-funded EP’s around 2005 and then finished their short career with the album “Modern Love & Death” from which Heaven is taken. The album is straight up dance pop.

Think Phoenix, Passion Pit, Empire of the Sun and you’re in the right area. It’s melancholy in it’s lyric content, and we all know how much i love despondent music, especially when coupled with that sweet sounding 80’s poppy disco feel. All the signatures are there, heavily compressed Drums and Rhodes Piano, detuned synths, walking bass line and harmonies on the vocal that absolutely reference the beach boys sound. I guess it’s quite steeped in that California Surf Sound, and not least because it seems to have had all it’s bass removed – it’s literally like listening to an AM radio station, and for that reason alone makes me think back to my childhood and sneakily staying up with my brother to listen to the radio.

As i said they were pretty short lived, their website doesn’t even work anymore and it's hard to find much info past the "they were a rock band from Philadelphia" stuff on LastFM and wikipedia etc.., the lead singer Davye Hawk has moved on to work under the moniker Memory Tapes, and has produced some nice stuff such as Offers.

Great stuff…

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