29 Sep

H1 2016 Mix

So, as you know Aapie and I have full time jobs and families, so we do this on the side, when we can. We often talk about doing mixes or summaries of posts we have stuck up but rarely get time to do it. In fact i pretty much did a mix of a few tracks from 2015 that i never got round to finishing. Anyway, i finally pulled my finger out and complete a mix.


The mix is a small selection of tracks that we have posted in the first half of the year. There is some great, eclectic stuff here and some that isn't, purely because i tried to pick stuff that would go and would make a nice mix for people to listen to on their commute – its 30 minutes long. I have no patience for complicated, over elaborate mixes (to be fair i couldn't do them anyway). For me, mixes are about the tracks. So this is a pretty simple, live mix. Me, a simple Traktor Mixer and an Ipad.


We have posted the mix to our Mixcloud page, so you can listen to the mix here via the widget below, or you can head on over to Mixcloud via the link or the Mixcloud app. Hope you enjoy and please share if you do. And of course, if you like the tracks, please support the artists by buying them.




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