20 Jul

Group Home – Supa Star

It’s been a busy few days for me hence the lack of posts, so you’ll have to forgive the self indulgence as I take a refreshing dive into my misspent youth today with one of the greatest hip hop tracks ever Group Home – Supa Star.

Group Home were always a bit of an odd one i thought. Part of the whole extended Gang Starr collective, the Gang Starr Foundation, the MC’s lil’ Dap and Melachi the Nutcracker (i’m not joking) had built a decent rep guesting on various tracks on the Gang Starr Albums Daily Operation and Hard to Earn (I think), but when it came time to do their solo work I always felt their excellent MC’ing was overshadowed by DJ Premier’s incredible production work.

Certainly that’s the case with Supa Star on which Premier takes Cameos frankly awful Hanging down town pitches it up and turns what is the quintessential 80’s slow jam into one of the most recognisable hip hop beats of the 90’s.

Whilst the beat is insanely good, it does detract from the fact the Lil’Dap and Melachi deliver some fantastic verses, which is a shame as they aren’t your average Hip Hop Lyrics focusing on the choices that many young men living in less than ideal social situations.

Anyway, it’s a classic, it’s been sampled, covered, cut up by pretty much every hip hop DJ/Turntablist to ever walk the planet, and it never, ever gets boring.

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