07 Jan

Groove Armada – Jeanneret’s Groove

So I am starting 2016 with an old track too, but when it came on this morning, randomly from the usb stick in my car that has tons of stuff on it…well it had to go up. I as dancing like a loon all the way to work. I was late but suddenly i didn't care.


Jeanneret's Groove by Groove Armada.


the boys don't really need an introduction. And they are nice blokes, we booked them to Dj at one of our nights years ago before, they were big, and when they turned up it was one of the quietest nights we had ever had; so they didn't charge us. Top guys.


Anyway, back to the track. It is immense disco house action, quite a long way from their more mainstream stuff. Aapie and I have always loved it and played it to death. It still sounds fantastic and at the time it easily went shoulder to shoulder with the filtered disco/house stuff that was pretty big.

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