17 Sep

Greyboy feat Karl Denson – Unwind your mind

I’m still on holiday so I get a freebie. Free time + WiFi allows my mind to wander and I came to today’s track via a journey instigated by a track being played by the pool today.

It was the James Brown standard – I feel good and it made me think of how many great James Brown tracks there are that never get played – funky president, give it up or turn it loose. Each artist that followed I tried to think of other tracks they had that were great but rarely get played – Nina Simone for example,  they played……. My baby just cares for me, but what about see line woman or her version of save me.

Anyway, while looking up some of these tracks on YouTube I stumbled across today’s track. Unwind your mind by Greyboy feat Karl Denson. Like the track Aapie posted yesterday this is an old track I have on vinyl (although I haven’t posted this version on YouTube). It comes from what I think was the first release on Ubiquity records, around the time Acid Jazz and what could be classed as dancefloor jazz was pretty big. I had just started djing and played it out all the time. What I liked about it was that it had a real hip hop groove at its heart, a groove that still sounds great today. Other stuff tried to do something similar it but never sounded as authentic. Then you have got the amazing, freestyle tenor sax playing of Karl Denson over the top. The groove and his playing come together perfectly to create an awesome 7 minute groove punctuated by some great moments like where the saxophone mimics the circus theme. I was amazed at how fresh this still sounds. I guess quality lasts.

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