25 Jan

Greg Wilson – OZMOSIS OCT 06 (live mix)





Slight change of format today in that it’s not a playlist but a DJ mix by the legendary Greg Wilson that I listened to on my morning odyssey.

I’ve long been a follower of Greg’s Soundcloud page, and this popped into my stream feed last night. It’s basically a 4 hour mix Greg put together of his DJ sets from his 2006 tour to Australia. It takes in re-edits, soul funk and electro boogie amongst other genres. Granted it’s a lot of time to invest in a DJ mix but if you have even a passing interest in the Re-edit or Mashup scenes then it’s a nice little listen, he doesn’t over do it with the effects or mixing, preferring instead to let the music do its thing, but those tracks that are beat matched are done so very well and the result is a mix that really flows.

One of the things I’ve always liked about Monsieur Wilsons DJ sets is the fact he forgoes the hot new thing syndrome and just plays music from any genre, of any age, just as long as it fits in with the mood and vibe of the venue/set be it old or new. Although from 2006 I think this mix demonstrates that perfectly. Put it this way there is not many people can make me enjoy James Browns – Sex Machine, or the Stone Roses – Fools Gold in this day and age.

So please check it out, it’s a really worthwhile mix – it’s embedded below but  you may need to login to Soundcloud and follow Greg to listen to it and download it. But it’s free to download and a great gift from the legendary man ahead of his tour to the Southern Hemisphere.

If you want to know more about Greg you can check his “Being a DJ” blog spot http://www.gregwilson.co.uk/  a nice little website where Greg gives his thoughts on anything that takes his fancy – including music, movies, books and a ton of other things. Book mark it, it’s worthwhile, and check his Soundcloud page as there is new material online all the time. To top it all off he’s a genuinely nice chap as well, so if you do listen to his work please take the time to leave a short message, he often replies and is always ready to talk music and provide words of support to people just starting out.


Playlist 25th January 2012

Terrible journey today, packed metro to the point that I literally couldn't move my arms. So i was thankful to have Greg Wilsons – OZMOSIS OCT 06 (live mix) on my player, and i continued listening to it as the claustrophobia and hatred of my fellow man set in.

Needless to say Gregs fantastic selection really lightened my mood and i managed to arrive in the office with only a slight frown on my face.

Playlist: Greg Wilson – OZMOSIS OCT 06 (live mix)

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