14 Nov

Grand National – Peanut Dreams

Sometimes you've just got to dive into the crates and pluck out some of your favourite tracks and I'm doing that today (maybe even this week) and today opting for the utterly magnificent Peanut Dreams by Grand National.


I can clearly remember hearing Peanut Dreams for the first time time. It was on a mix CD of indie Dance that FourbearsJr gave me when he came to visit. We were sat with a beer and listening on my studio speakers and it came on.


It was a proper "WTF is THIS?" moment. Partially because I thought it was a great track, partially because I knew the sample straight away.


Peanut Dreams is an interesting track when all i said and done, it's built around a massive sample from the New York Rock & Roll Ensembles – Gravedigger. So massive a lift that i can totally understand why someone might see it as a disappointment, but much of the tracks appeal for me is the way the verse and chorus phrases are built around the sample. It just works so well, that even though they literally taken the whole of the intro to Gravedigger it doesn't feel like Gravedigger.


If you don't know who New York Rock & Roll Ensemble were look them up, but also look up the original because I'm pretty sure you'll recognise it from Moka's More Soup, Go Teams – Milk Crisis and it's no surprise they all rip the same part, that huge f*ck off bassline.




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