09 Jan

The Go Team – Semicircle Song

I know i said this last time I posted about The Go Team, but, I absolutely, f’ing love The Go Team. And frankly i can’t see things changing with their new album that comes out on 19th Jan.


Last year they put out a few tracks from that up coming album. All are great, but OMG, the semicircle song completely makes me lose my shit. It is so, so, so, so clearly The Go Team. Noisy, melodic and frankly Joyous…and when I say joyous i mean off the scale, scream it out loud, hug the person next to you joyous. They seem to have a bottomless pit of awesome melodies. This time they have pulled in some modern marching band action, thrown in possibly the most catchy xylophone melody and chorus and topped it off with some lovely steel drums. Also, the version on Spotify, not the version below contains a brilliant moment where, taking it back to old school hip hop / disco…you get names and star signs..


Hi my name is fourbearsjr and i’m A Libran. LONG LIVE THE GO TEAM WOOOOOOOO HOOOOO.

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