29 May

The Go Team – Huddle Formation

I loveThe Go Team. Actually, let me re-phrase that. I f’ing love The Go Team and i blasted their first and third albums out on the way to work this morning. I love the energy, the sheer wall of sound, the fact that underneath they are pop songs crashing into old school hip hop. I never get tired of it. What a great band to be the drummer of.

The first album is truly amazing and the track I have gone for today is possibly my favourite track on it. It has everything that I mentioned above and more. I have posted up the track but also a live version of them in the studio as it is great to see them. They are totally unpretentious and full on. It’s brilliant.

I really looked like an arse this morning drumming like a maniac on my steering wheel as I screamed the wrong lyrics. Best way to start the day though, as long as you don’t crash.



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