14 Sep

Global Communications – The Way (Secret Ingredients Mix)

I amaze myself sometimes. For example, I can't believe we've been running this blog for 9 months and I've not yet blogged this track. Why? Because i honestly think it might just be the best deep house record ever made.

Global Communications – The Way (Secret Ingredients Mix)

I think it might also be the best record Mark Pritchard or Tom Middleton ever made, as Global Communications, Jedi Knights or even their solo projects such as Harmonic 3(1)3 and the many other names they have recorded under. Now I realise that's quite a bold statement to make. Especially considering the quality of their output under various genres and aliases is probably unrivaled, but for me this track is pretty much perfect.

Like so many tracks I love it is so simple sounding but in concept it’s complex in a way that is missed on first listen. It's essentially an 11 minute builder that starts out minimal and builds with each passing of 8bars. But it's not that simple, the track starts with a jacking kick/hat combination and a Low pass filter Whoomp. As the tracks builds the snare, fills and percussion are introduced and the Filter is opened up to reveal a partial vocal sample that drives the first quarter of the track, the bass line enters the filter opens a bit more, the pads come, in the filter comes out a little more… and we're just about half way. The vocals come in fully, but not quite, if that makes sense and it suddenly becomes a cracking soulful house production before things drift out again and you're left with a lush gated synth to draw the track to a close.

Simply put i've never been to a club that when this dropped the place didn't go ballistic. I’ve played it in main rooms, back rooms, festivals and bars and the response was the same every single time. Hands in the air, eyes closed people drifting along on the most monumental of grooves.

I literally could write for ever and still not quite get across how great i think this record is, so i won't. Instead i'll let you enjoy it,

Playlist Friday 14th September 2012

Hopped the train into the city knowing i had a shockingly busy day ahead of me, I was tired from a couple of weeks working crazy hours and i really just didn't want to think, so i settled down opened my book and set the mp3 player on shuffle.

First track in was Sister Sledge – Baby You fooled around, i blogged it before and I still love it. That was followed by a selection old house tunes that I'd forgotten were on there. the first was the awesome Black Science Orchestra Remix of D'influences – Magic, a soulful New Jersey Garage number. Followed that up with the big room garage  of Harddrive – Deep Inside (Ministry of Sound this ones for you) and Mood II Swing – I see you Dancing, a deep deep deep filter track that was nearly the track i choice to blog but actually ended up being the tune that set things up nicely for the actual track of choice, the magnificent Global Communications – The Way. I think i must have listened to this track about 4 times in a row, which is about 30-40 minutes of the same track. Which is why I only got to listen to one track after it and that was Anna Luno & Flumes – I met you.

The weather was grey, but the music was sunny as it gets, and to top it all off I for once got all my work done. Schweet!

Playlist: D'Influence – Magic (BSO remix), Hard Drive – Deep Inside, Mood II Swing – I see you Dancing, GLobal Communications – The Way (Secret ingredients Mix), Anna Lunoe & Flumes – I met you

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