16 Jan

Glen Check – Pacific

Things have been manic and so I have missed my last two posts, Aapie has kept things rolling. It was pretty grim this morning as I drove to work but today’s cheeky track came on and cheered me up.

Pacific by Glen Check

I recently picked up the latest MAP Sampler – Music Alliance Pact. If you don’t know it, it’s a free compilation of tracks picked by blogs from around the world. One from each country. As I played it Pacific came on and I thought hello.

I have never heard of Glen Check before (they are a band) but I know they hail from South Korea (a first on this blog I think). Now, this is a flat out party tune. As I have mentioned before, I am a sucker for hyper, melodic, pop that is a bit bashed up (See The Similou post and the likes of LoFi-Fink etc) and this ticks the box exactly. No idea what they are singing about even though it’s in English, although at one point it does sound like it says “sail away with me, from Torbay with me” but I doubt they have heard of Torbay, so that’s  probably not right. Makes me laugh though.

And this track could be horrendous but it’s the pop synths and guitars, the frankly banging drums and the fact that it sounds like they have turned everything up to 11. That makes it kind of ace. The whole thing is on the edge of distorting into chaos. Frankly, I love it. Get it for free via the Map Sampler

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