03 Nov

Gladys Knight and the Pips – Taste of Bitter Love

Slow start to the week for me today, and i kept my playlist to a choice few tracks that i've been listening to a lot of late, the est of which is this magnificent soulful disco workout:

Gladys Knight and the Pips – Taste of Bitter Love

I first found this track by way of the huge Dead Rose Music Company's Taste of Bitter Love re-edit, a track from about 3-4 years ago that took the whole re-edit scene by storm. the track essentially took the main hook and chopped it up a bit into a big early evening slo-mo house anthem.

After tracking down the original it made it's way into my collection and has seldom been out of my playlists ever since.

The track is an ear worm from gentle opening bars (that always get an horrific amount of rewinds) all the way through the big brassy disco groove and Gladys Knights bitter break up lyrics… all in all a superb track, and i'm gonna let you get off to listen to it.

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