01 Oct

General Levy – Dem No Wicked Like We

I haven’t had much sleep over the last few days due to a number of reasons and I’m not going to Lie I was bl*ody knackered when schlepped out the door and headed for my train.

Tired Aapie means grumpy Aapie and I just couldn’t be bothered to think too far ahead and deemed it appropriate that fate (also known as Shuffle) provide my playlist for today. Bit of Fleetwood Mac, bit of Leaders of the New School and a bunch of other things from before the time of MP3’s came on… maybe it knew I was feeling old today and gave me a throwback but the track a midst all these remnants of yesteryear was:

General Levy – Dem No Wicked Like We

Now, this is going to surely be a true Marmite moment, either you'll love it or hate it, but this track was one of THE tracks when i was first really going out clubbing. Hip Hop was just breaking through to Radio 1, and Tim Westwood played this on his show. For all the stick Westwood takes, and he does deserve a lot of it, the man was responsible for really breaking Hip Hop to the wider audience in the UK, but not only Hip Hop Reggae and in this instance Ragga.

Levy is form London and is probably known as much for his Jungle MC out put as anything Ragga, his probably most well known for incredible, but I always had soft spot for "Dem No Wicked like We", a pounding Hip Hop break with a little bit scratching and Levy's faster than the speed of sound machine gun delivery.


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