02 Mar

Gang Starr – Dj Premier in Deep Concentration





I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say DJ Premier is probably the most influential person in Hip Hop.

Obviously he was a huge part of the seminal Hip Hop group Gang Starr, but more than that I honestly don’t know of a Hip Hop producer who isn’t influenced in some way by the man’s production work, a rapper who wouldn’t give their left nut to flow on one of his beats, or a scratch DJ who hasn’t at some point sat listened to his chorus cuts and gone “Aaaaaamazing!” with an idiot grin on their face.

In regards to the last statement concerning scratching, there is just something about Premo on the cut. By today’s standard they are not technically amazing, but they are just timed and executed to perfection and seem to carry a huge amount of feeling and soul. It's often a point of debate whenever you get a group of tablists together, but more often than not the conclusion will be they "they are sick".

Now ask most people from outside the Hip Hop or Tablist scenen to sit down and listen to scratching, or a scratch based track and I reckon 90% of those people’s eyes will glaze over and they  will tell you to jog on, but play them the track “DJ Premier in Deep Concentration” and I reckon a huge chunk of them would listen to the end of the track.

It’s a pretty simple track that appeared on Gang Starrs first album “No More mister Nice guy”, and is, when it all boils down to it, just a series of other peoples records slapped together on a four track, but Christ it sounds good, even by today’s digital studio standards, and the way everything is held together and the structure of the track is an example to aspiring producers in how to build a track. You can hear he's starting to put together those classic chrous cuts of his using soundbites form other records, and there are so many parts – it's a track that was a huge influence on me both as a dj and a producer and something any aspiring DJ/Producer should have in their collection.

I won’t blab on about it too long because it’s a track that needs to be heard not discussed, so it’s below, but just for reference I thought I’d list the tracks Premo sampled/uses on this. They are: Billy Stewart – Summertime, The Meters – The Hand clapping Song, Kool & the Gang – Funky Stuff and Summer Madness, Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince – The Magnificent, The Fat Boys – Stick em, The Stoop rap from the Wild Style Soundtrack, Fab Five Freddy – Change the Beat, Marcley Marl & MC Shan – Marley Marl Scratch, Eric B & Rakim – Paid in Full and I ain’t no joke, Gang Starr – Movin on and EPMD – it’s my thing.


* photo http://www.djpremier.org/

Playlist Friday 2nd March 2012

No playlist today so like fourbearsjr I decided to take a freebie track, and I must admit I was quite torn as to whether or not I should feature the track I did. It’s a big, popular track, it has legendary status within the genre, and I wonder how many people haven’t heard it or care to hear it again. But it’s one of my favourite tracks ever, and something I never get tired of listening to. The blog was never intended to be about new or uber difficult music, and was always about just good music, and this to me is a great tune, so I thought sod it and blog it anyway.

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