23 Jan

Gabriel Conti – A Dance With The Stars

I spent my commute today watching a video, so I get to pick a freebie. And today’s track is real beauty, one that I have been meaning to put up for a couple of weeks.

Gabriel Conti – A Dance With The Stars.

From Buenos Aires, we have featured some really lovely tracks from Gabriel’s label, Blckshp Records. As far as I’m aware he has now moved on and this is his first release since, and what a fantastic track to open with.

He has an exceptional, eclectic knowledge of music, something that is illustrated through his blog ( http://gabriel-conti.tumblr.com). This knowledge is also apparent in the music he has had a hand in putting out and is particularly apparent on A Dance… it’s a beautiful mesh of chill wave meets Com Truise, so clean and warm that as you listen it just kind of pulls you in and wraps you up. I love the synths, the drum programming and the melody, ah, I love the whole thing. Really looking forward to what he does next. Follow the link through as you can download the track for free. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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