09 May

Fun-da-mental – Mother India (Moody Boyz Mela Mix)

2013-05-09 20.12.27

Ok, so now i have got going on my old vinyl i am getting a little carried away, however, i loaded up some of the tracks and blasted them out on the way to work today. So, it would be rude not to pick one of them.


I have gone for the Moody Boyz, Mela remix of Fun-da-mental’s Mother India. I came across this track back when what was classed as ‘big beat’ was around. The nights we put on were always a bit more diverse than the rather straight ahead stuff that came out of that genre and very few tracks from that period have really stood the test of time. However, the ones that have faired well are the ones that were less balls to the wall and a bit more thoughtful. There were a number of great tracks that brought in world/ethnic elements and i was always drawn to these more than the smash your face of acid breaks and 303 work outs (not that i wouldn’t play some of those tracks at the time).


Today’s track is firmly in the latter camp. I don’t know much about Fun-da-mental or Moody Boyz (although i found out more when i looked online and I had heard of Fun-da-mental at the time) and i wasn’t a big fan of the original track, but i love this remix. It was kind of broken beat years before broken beat was another genre with a bad name (although i love much of that music too). What’s good about this track…everything. The drum programming is immense as is the bass line. They weave in small but best parts of the original and apply stacks of reverb (check out the mad phasing at about 3.30). But a description isn’t going to cut it…you have to hear it…and hear it loud, as it really takes your head off. But, what a track.



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