20 Aug

Friends of Friends – Show Me The Future Vol 2

Today’s commute was me driving to work as my wife and boy are away at the mo. So to cheer myself up i blasted out the latest Show Me The Future EP (Vol 2) from the Friends of Friends label. We have covered FofF before – a label that looks to promote music through like minded artists and friends. Their first Show Me the Future ep was a lovely selection of dance/electronic tracks and the 2nd edition is more of the same while branching out across a slightly broader set of genres (see the inclusion of a pretty heavy hip hop track – Effigy by Young Fathers).

The EP is quality all the way through and you can play it via the player below, courtesy of the lovely people at FofF allowing people to embed it. My pick of the tracks is Motions’ – Motions, a really gorgeous deep, driving house track. When it came on in the car this morning i cranked the stereo right up and almost took the speakers out. Minimal but so effective and people driving next to me must of thought i had lost it as i lamped the steering wheel as if it was a drum kit.

Please do check the EP out, and if you do, support the artists by purchasing it through bandcamp here: http://fofmusic.bandcamp.com/album/show-me-the-future-vol-2

It is sold on a pay what you want basis and you can also pick up Vol 1 too. Well worth doing.


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