21 Aug

Friends – A Thing Like This

So, I have been out of the game for a while in terms of contributing to the blog. Things have been rather manic at work…ah, poor me, but exemplary work by Aapie. Anyway, to ease back in, and due to the fact that I headed to London today and worked most of the way without music (boo) and then bumped into some colleagues when I hit London, I am going to take a freebie and actually right a wrong.

Now, I like my music and I am quite vocal ad confident about what I do and don’t like, what I think is good and what I think isn’t. But sometimes I do have a wobble, and sometimes it is when I am picking tracks for this blog. This is what happened with the track I am putting up today.

I came across the band Friends a while back, via some free tracks – a great version they did of ‘My Boo’ and the track ‘Sorry’. Their initial output caused a bit of a stir and I was quite looking forward to the album coming out. Finally it did, and I picked it up. I listened to it, I quite liked it, quite a lot of it reminded me of other artists mining the 80s and I did think that is was perhaps dated. But, I could put it on, nod my head and storm along. Then, I decided I would blog a track from it (the one I have posted up today) and I thought I would read a bit more about the band, which led me to a review of the album by Pitchfork. This is where I bottled it – Pitchfork were a bit dismissive, gave it a poor rating and I went hmmmm and decided to blog something else.

But it is an album that I like, that you can stick it on and it makes you smile and I quite often go to it when I want something to give me a bit of momentum. I really love the track that I have selected ‘A Thing Like This’ – it is a bit 80s soul mixed with a bit of Madonna’s La Isla Bonita (in my head anyway). I have played it about 10 times while writing this and I would have finished much quicker if I wasn’t doing slightly dodgy 80s dancing (and trying to not be noticed). So, note to self, who gives a shit. Boogie on down my friends.

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