12 Sep

Fred Falke – 808pm at the Beach

Diving into the crates today to pluck out a longtime favourite of mine Fred Falke – 808pm at the Beach.


It's the end of summer here and as everything starts to cool down the weather is absolutely perfect for lounging around and enjoying the evenings, and i guess that's why ive been listening to a lot of the French Touch material, of which Falke is probably one of the best exponents.


808pm is typical of the genre, a Rhodes melody under tracked with bouncing live bass (Falkes a Bassist), a chic-esq guitar, lovely sparkling chords and a light swinging 808 drum track, it drives along dropping in and out at all the right moments, switching up with a key change towards the end (post guitar action) and 


There isn't much to say past that, and i'm not going to try because the strength of the track is that it just is what it is, happy smiley French house, reminiscent of the Roulé and Vulture sound post Daft Punk Homework and leading into the Discovery period, just perfect for dancing, relaxing and drinking to.






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