07 Oct

Foxygen – How Can You Really

Today’s track is a blinder. I have subscribed to uncut magazine for years. Every magazine you get a free CD and over the last 2 years I have played very few of them as I don’t get the chance to check them out. Then brain started working and figured out that I should stick it on in the car now I drive to work most days… Doh.

So I stuck this months CD on, got to track 8 and thought, we have a winner:

How Can You Really by Foxygen.

They are on the excellent jagjaguwar label and hail from California. The few bits I have heard of their before are very soft psychedelic pop.
But this track is a stormer. At is core it is as good a pop song as you will ever hear. In fact in the hands of someone more mainstream you could believe this being top of chats and never off radio. It is a classic 60’s type pop song driven by an awesome piano riff. But the production dirties it up nicely. The track speeds up and slows down, the production is deliberately not over polished and the vocals have been multi tracked till it’s hard to distinguish some of the words, partly due to the phrasing being quite different on some of the takes. It is a bit disorientating at times but it gives the track an edge it otherwise wouldn’t have. It really is tremendous stuff. I must have played it about 8 times on the way in.

I have stuck the video up too as it makes for great watching and really adds to the track.



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