14 Aug

Four Tet – Go Go Ninja Dinosaur

I didn't really listen to much on the way to work, but when I got home from work me and the clan had a boogie to this track for a good 30 minutes. In fact, this has been making an appearance a lot lately in the fourbears household. Mainly due the fact that it combines dinosaurs and ninjas (two of my sons favourite things). 

Go Go Ninja Dinosaur by Four Tet. ​

Most will know Four Tet,  he has been one of the most highly regarded artists in terms of electronic music for some time. But this track is a bit of fun. It's from a compilation of songs for children. But while it's a bit bonkers with the crazy singing/lyrics the beat and groove are absolutely immense. I have actually used it in mixes. 

​The rest of the album is good to and in fact my favourite track isn't this, it's actually David Wainwright's feet by Half Man Half Biscuit. If you get a chance, check it out, it's genius. Unfortunately my son liked this track more πŸ™‚ 


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